If you asked me about energy fields a year ago, I would have either laughed or glazed over at how hoaxy it sounds. Now, I have learned that we all put out actual energy vibrations, and those vibrations are one of the most important indicators of the life we live and the people we attract. When we put out high, positive energy vibrations, we attract people with the same level of energy, and it becomes intoxicating and contagious.

Today, I would like to welcome our newest recruiter at MOD recruiting, Ashley Kimbell. When my husband asked me why I decided Ashley would be my very first hire at MOD recruiting, I responded that I love her energy and I want to be around it more. The first time we sat down to talk about recruiting and my passions around it, she lit up with enthusiasm and we could not stop talking about how recruiting is essentially helping people find their right path – it’s career, life coaching, and match-making all rolled under one umbrella. There is a level of excitement in helping people find a position that intersects with their skills, gifts, and interests.

Ashley has a 20-year background in technology and consulting and is one of the brightest women I know. Ashley approaches life with a contagious enthusiasm for learning and helping others around her. She embeds herself in continuous learning and being the best version of herself possible. I am SO excited to have her join the team at Mod Recruiting and bring her energy to our clients and candidates every day!

As it relates to energy, try waking up and approaching each day with gratitude and a little excitement (scientifically proven as the highest energy vibration!). Be present in every conversation, and keep an open mind to learn from the people around you and the experiences you have each day. You will start to see that every day is more fulfilling at work and at home and that you attract others who have the same level of energy and zeal for life.